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After many years of experience into the production of life-size statues and figures, we know which details and functions are important for supplying the perfect and natural pose of a replica.
Therefore we set ourselves the target of designing a mannequin which meets these requirements in every respect or even exceeds them.

Goal achieved!

We are delighted to offer you our self-made Lifesize-heores mannequins
with the following features:

> movable and positionable arms
> movable wrist and finger position
> movable head (360 degree rotation possible)
> movable torso (360 degree rotation possible)
> Thigh - Shin splitting (perfect for attaching costume pieces and shoes / boots)
> magnetically coupled toe tips (narrow opening of a boot shouldnt be longer a problem)


Whether adventurer, action hero, superhero, soldier or space cowboy, you did invest a lot of time, money and passion in the construction of your costume / prop.
This mannequin present your prop / costume in the right position and gives it the charisma and shine it deserves.