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”challenge our Forge corner - nothing we can't smith„


The secret of success is a persistent pursuit of the goal.

Benjamin Disraeli, british Politician


Individual figure manufacturing according to your wishes and specifications.

A Prototype is born from an idea, which requires planning, goal setting, persistence and loads of creativity.
This section will let you find projects that we have implemented based on our own ideas and the ideas / specifications of our customers.

  • Do you have the concept of an individual figure, vehicle, your company logo or piece of furniture and would like to see this lifelike implemented?
  • Would you like to see your logo or your trademark turn into a reality object ?
  • Are you looking for a bespoke mannequin presenting your fashion label?
  • We competently let your ideas, concepts and visions come to a tangible reality.


We work with a wide variety of technologies in order to meet your wishes and ideas.

  • Plastic thermoforming
  • Fibreglass production
  • Laser cutting
  • 3D drawing
  • 3D printing


Fully in-house production from scratch until realizing the finished product.

Your vision is what drives us to deliver!


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