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What are cookies?

Cookies support a better and faster online experience. A cookie is a small text file that saves internet settings. Almost every website uses cookies. The first time you visit a website, the cookies are downloaded from your internet browser.

If you visit this website again with the same device, the website will recognize you again. This allows our content to be adjusted to your personal interests and needs.

The cookies mentioned below are equivalent to HTML5 Session Web Storage and HTML5 Local Web Storage.


We want the best for you

The use of our cookies is primarily for you!

By using cookies, we can see how visitors use the website and can adjust our focus accordingly.
We analyze which content is popular and recognize whether certain topics are interesting for you or not.

The analysis of the data ultimately helps us with:


What happens if cookies are declined?

If you reject the use of cookies, we will of course accept your decision and will no longer request this data.

As soon as you withdraw your consent, all of these cookies will no longer be requested and existing connections will be interrupted.

But please be aware that not all cookies are just simple queries.
We also use cookies that are required to use some content that will not work as soon as the system cookies are deactivated.

We recommend that you do not reject the technically necessary cookies.


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