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(Selina Kyle) is a fictional character created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics,

commonly in association with Batman. Debuting as "the Cat" in Batman #1 (spring 1940)

Catwoman has been featured in many media adaptations related to Batman. Actresses Michelle Pfeiffer portrayed the character in 1992s Batman Returns

Halle Berry starred in 2004s Catwoman; Anne Hathaway portrayed Selina Kyle in the 2012 film The Dark Knight Rises. 

A young version of Kyle was played by Camren Bicondova on the 2014 television series Gotham.

Zoë Kravitz will portray the character in the 2021 film The Batman. 

Catwoman was ranked 11th on IGNs list of the "Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time",[and 51st on Wizard magazines "100 Greatest Villains of All Time" list.Conversely,

she was ranked 20th on IGNs "Top 100 Comic Book Heroes of All Time" list.