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 Your passion is our passion.


Just like you are, we are big hero fans. Thats why we tranformed our passion into our profession and have become one of the worlds leader when it comes to customized lifesize heroes.

Back at the 70´s the boldly journey begun when we explore the final frontier and became a member of the Star Fleet by simply converting our Pyiama into a Captains Uniform. Under the amazing support from a lovingly Grandma, we turned into Spider-man by using a T-shirt coloured with an felt-tip pen.


wir 1

The famous decade of the 80´s brought us far away. We fought the battle of Hoth by remodelling fathers garage into an ice planet and Mom‘s borrowed christmas-snow-spray creates the full imarsation.


This adventure results into 2 weeks of house-arrest and gave the great opportunity to convert the grage much further and so, Dagobah - a dirty , wet and very muddy place - gave the perfect scenery for our Kenner Star Wars Figures. 
Needless to say, by the power of more house-arrests we did not try - we did and lived the fun to do a lot of more stage creations  :)


Bounced the first conventions and exhibitions, watching amazingly great Movies, played wicked Videogames so the 90´s strengthen our passion for Science-Fiction and Superheroes even more far and beyond.


Now we are here, at the 21st century, with still the infinitely passion we had at the genesis of this joy ride and sensing the thrill for the Future.

We are so glad to be a part of this amazing Comic and Movie Popculture Universe and happy to share it with likeminded friends like you are.

May the Passion never end!